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Kloof woodworks

Kloof Houtwerke Stilbaai

Woodwork business in Still Bay for all carpentry work such as built-in cupboards. Skrynwerkersbesigheid vir alle houtwerk soos ingeboude kaste.

Kloof Houtwerke specialises in wood constructions such as built-in cupboards using Melamine wood. Melamine has a compressed wood particle core which is covered with a melamine resin and paper finish and comes in various styles and colours. This is very popular for cupboards in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms as well as other areas in the home or office. They will custom make these built-in cupboards and cabinets according to your specifications.

For the counter-tops they make use of different materials such as Ceasarstone quartz surfaces which is ideal for interior surfaces like kitchen counter-tops. Also for bathroom vanities and stairs, to wall panelling as well as interior furniture. Alternatively they use Formica made from layers of plastic bonded to particleboard to create a solid surface and is available in a variety of colours and patterns. They also supply granite counter-tops as well as many more products.

More products from Kloof Houtwerk

Furthermore they supply timber for, as well as build constructions such as wooden stairs and decks with hand-rails for safety. Also wooden doors and door frames as well as window frames. They also do dry-walling to make interior walls and ceilings. In addition they also provide different flooring products such as Novilon and Vinyl plank flooring which resembles hardwood. As well as Balau wood which is a tropical hardwood for decking and flooring as well as furniture.

Kloof Houtwerke will also supply you with all the above-mentioned products for DIY jobs. They will of course cut the wood for you according to your needs and specifications. Since they are extremely experienced in their field, they can definitely provide you with advice as well as introduce you to new products available on the market.

Find them in the industrial area on the eastern side of the Goukou River in Still Bay.

Houtwerk in Stilbaai

Kloof Houtwerke spesialiseer in houtkonstruksies soos ingeboude kaste van Melaminehout in kombuise. So ook badkamers, slaapkamers en ander areas in die huis, kantoor en jou besigheid. Gemaak volgens jou spesifikasies en van jou gekose materiale.

Vir toonbankblaaie kan hulle Ceasarstone kwarts gebruik, of Formica of selfs graniet. Dit kom in allerhande kleure en patrone. Verder verskaf hulle die hout en maak hulle houttrappe en dekke met handrelings, deure en hout vensterrame. So ook gipspanele vir binnemure en plafonne, asook vloerbedekkings soos Novilon, Vinyl, Balauhout en nog meer.

Verder verskaf hulle ook enige van hierdie produkte vir Doen-dit-self-projekte. Hulle sal die hout vir jou sny volgens jou spesifikasies. Natuurlik kan hulle jou ook van waardevolle raad bedien indien jy dit sou nodig kry.

Vind hulle in die industriële gebied aan die oostelike kant van die Goukourivier in Stilbaai.


Ritbar Street

Industrial Area

Stilbaai East



Francois Smit

Tel: 028 754 1580

Cell: 082 448 5155

Fax: 086 716 1261

E mail: kloofhoutwerke@absamail.co.za