Madison Material and Clothing


Madison Material and Clothing

Madison Stilbaai

Clothing and footwear store in Still Bay for men, women and children. Klerewinkel en skoenwinkel vir mans, dames en kinders.

Madison is one of a few suppliers of men’s clothing in Still Bay. There you will find Sterling outdoor wear for men such as khaki shirts and shorts, pants as well as denim pants. Also Kakiebos men’s clothing and Jockey underwear, T-shits and sleepwear for men. They also carry Kakiebos clothing for women, Sissy Boy jeans and jackets as well as Jockey underwear for women and pyjamas.

For the teens and young people they stock Ecko clothes which are statement pieces with athletic functionality. Ecko is the leading face of global youth culture. They have not forgotten about the babies, toddlers and young kids. There is a large variety of clothes from the Hooligans range for boys and girls with humorous animal designs which are made in South Africa.

You are never completely dressed without those accessories such as handbags, scarves and of course footwear. At Madison you will find interesting handbags, Phelan shoes for ladies, also various sandals, Power running shoes and Mojis. They also sell kids shoes and sandals. Furthermore they will not be a coastal clothing store without carrying swimwear for everyone. Board shorts for boys and men, different styles of swimsuits for girls, teens as well as grown-ups. They also sell those wetsuit like swimsuits for small kids which is the best thing against the sun and cold breeze.

In addition they also sell quilting material, all kinds of haberdashery items, elastic, ribbons, buttons and lace. They also do reparations or alterations to existing clothes as well as sell clothes made under their own label.

Klerewinkel in Stilbaai

Madison verkoop mansklere, damesklere, tiener en jongmensklere, en ook baba en kleuterklere van make soos Hooligans, Sterling, Ecko, Jockey en Kakiebos. So ook onderklere, nagklere en skoene vir almal van make soos Phelan, Power hardloopskoene en Mojis. Ook serpe en handsakke asook swemklere vir mans en dames asook vir kinders.

Hulle verkoop ook pragtige kwiltmateriaal en knope, skêre, spelde, naalde, rek, lint en kant. Verder doen hulle herstelwerk aan klere asook verstellings. Hulle maak ook pragtige klere wat hulle onder hulle eie naam verkoop.


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