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Finding the places to eat has never been this easy. Born in Still Bay and known as the Stilbaai App, or Still Bay App, the popularity of this App increased rapidly. Officialy the Eden Regional Tourism and the developer took hands and the Garden Route and Klein Karoo App was born and resubmitted. Since about 18 months ago it is known as the Garden Route & Klein Karoo App. The scope of the original Stilbaai App was the Hessequa Municipal Area. The GR&KK App includes, besides Hessequa, also the Kannaland, Oudtshoorn and Mossel Bay as well as George, Greater Knysna and Plettenberg Bay regions.

Despite its humble beginnings, the Stilbaai App has developed into the Official App for the Garden Route and Klein Karoo. It covers information on accommodation, Stilbaai places to eat, businesses, things to do and see, as well as information on the different regions including festivals and events.

Stilbaai Places to Eat – Free information at hand on your smart phone.

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and start using it. It costs you nothing, but unlocks the area region by region, enabling you to make the most of your hard earned holiday. You literally hold the plan for every day in the palm of your hand, what you want to do, to see, to eat and where you want to stay. You can even book your real time accommodation right there on the App.

Within the 18 months since it became the GR&KK App, there have already been more than 143 000 uses or page views. There are more than 1 400 listings on the platform with already more than 5 500 users from 88 countries active on the App. Thus, Still Bay and the whole of Hessequa, as well as all the way along the Garden Route get exposed to tourists globally 24/7/365. And it is expanding day after day…

NB! Remember, the GR&KK App is COMPLETELY FREE and available 24/7/365.

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Allegaartjie Restaurant

Allegaartjie Coffee Shop / Koffiewinkel

For fresh baked cakes and treats. We also provide a variety of light meals.

Allegaartjie Gift Shop / Geskenke Winkel

Gift Shop and Coffee Shop. A large variety of gifts, arts & crafts. You will also find a range of plastic ware, glassware and pottery items. We sell shoes, clothing and jewelry. Come browse through the shop and find that perfect gift for a friend. Have a look at the novelties, gift and birthday cards. Finally now also a range of furniture for sale.

Main Road West Just before the Fynbos Centre
Thelma Oosthuizen

Cell: 072 408 6644

Tel/Fax: 028 754 3299

After hours: 028 755 8435

Appelliefie Familie Koffiehuis – Appelliefie Family Coffee Shop

Appelliefie Familie Koffiehuis Stilbaai

Appelliefie Familie Koffiehuis – Appelliefie Family Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop and Kids Playground, famous for their quality coffee. Also their delicious cake as well as their burgers, including their Banting Burger and yummy milkshakes. Perfectly situated on the eastern side of the Goukou River in Still Bay. In Hessequa, Western Cape along the ever popular Garden Route. Right next to Stilbaai Dekor in Main Road East.

The wooden tables inside the coffee shop are rather big with glass tops and a variety of wooden chairs. The large windows let in a lot of light as well as allow a view on the playground. On one of the walls hang a variety of old black and white photos creating a homely atmosphere.

Anli Botha

Tel: 028 754 1224

Main Road East


Aroma Coffee Shop & Gift Shop

Aroma Coffee Shop & Gift Shop

Aroma Coffee Shop & Gift Shop

4 Van Riebeeck Str



Pieter & Yolanda Mostert

Cell: 079 497 5509

Bay Coffee Stilbaai

Bay Coffee Stilbaai


A Jacobs coffee bean Coffee Bar in the far corner of Bay Linen in Still Bay, Western Cape. Complimenting the stylish linen shop owned by the same people. The official opening happened on 11 June 2018 and is open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 and on Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00.

While the wife browses the exquisite linen and accessories to her heart’s delight, the husband can delight in a cup of perfectly prepared coffee.

Sit down at the classy L-shaped bar-like counter of Bay Coffee Stilbaai for the best coffee in town. Relax in one of their elegant bar-stools with adjustable height to ensure the most comfort. Or sit down at one of their tables, some of which are placed outside the shop in the wide corridor. Their only focus is on quality coffee with cake or a light meals to accompany the rich Jacobs bean coffee. Prepared by staff who were intensively and professionally trained to perfectly handle the Jacobs coffee bean...Read more

Botterkloof Coffee Shoppe

Botterkloof coffee shoppe

Botterkloof Coffee Shoppe (Light Meals, Coffee Shop)

The Coffee Shoppe @ Botterkloof, located 5 kilometers en-route to Stilbaai, is the Garden Routes best kept secret, with mouth-watering meals and a wide selection of wines.

Botterkloof Resort is widely known as a tranquil heaven, and have the Coffee Shoppe adopted this status, by now being one of the most surreal and scenic Coffee Shoppe’s along the coastal area in the Garden Route…

Elsa Kruger

Tel: 028 754 2388


Coffee Bean Café

Coffee Bean Café

Coffee Bean Café (Coffee Shop, Fresh Coffee Beans)

Coffee Bean Café just behind the OK Grocer is a quint little coffee shop were you get the best cake freshly baked daily. They also sell the best quality freshly grained coffee beans. You can not help to be greeted by the aroma of quality Arabica coffee as you enter the Coffee Bean Café. Stop and enjoy a light meal or great piece of cake at the Coffee Bean Café in Stilbaai. If it is quality Coffee you are looking for then this is the coffee shop to visit.Stilbaai is a small coastal town were the Goukou River flows into the Indian Ocean. With it’s blueflag beaches, fynbos or just the quiet tranquil save surroundings, this is a must stop when you visit the Exploreres garden Route…Read more

Alicia van Rensburg

Cell: 072 943 6665


Coffee & Cream Coffee Shop & Restaurant

Coffee & CreamCoffee & Cream Coffee Shop & Restaurant Stilbaai

A journey of elevation into a perfect balance between style, enticing ambience and homemade cuisine. Enjoy a countryside breakfast, quality lunches and home-baked patisserie and cake. Moreover, share this delightful journey with others with a delectable takeaway from our choice freshly-baked treats.

Coffee & Cream sits cosily in a corner of the Village Square in Still Bay, a pleasant coastal town in the Western Cape along the famous Garden Route. Sharing the square with businesses such as Nedbank, Namo Natural Health, Hair Designs and The Tailor since 5 September 2018…Read more

Ida Prinsloo

Tel: 028 754 1412


Cupz Café

Cupz Cafe Stilbaai

Cupz Café (Coffee Shop, Light Meals, Functions)

Coffee Shop or restaurant in the Fynbos Centre just off Main Road West in Still Bay. Koffiewinkel of restourant in die Fynbossentrum in Stilbaai.

Since 1 June 2017 Cupz Café has new owners, Hasie and Petro de Haast. They welcome everybody to come and enjoy home baked fresh cake daily with a cup of tea or coffee. Also the best and most convenient place for a delicious breakfast …Read more

Frieda van Zyl

Tel: 028 754 2605

Die Lapskuit

Die Lapskuit ( Restaurant, Seafood Restaurant)

Waterkant Street

Next to Amphitheatre

Allan Bird & Bernice Kapp

Cell: 076 053 5637


FISHALOT Sushi Stilbaai

Fishalot Stilbaai Sushi Bar

FISHALOT Sushi Stilbaai 

Sushi take-aways at the Fishalot seafood take-away outlet in Still Bay. The Sushi Bar offers a wide range of classic sushi delicatessen such as Salmon Sashimi, Salmon Roses, California rolls and Maki rolls. Also Chef specials such as Tiger rolls, Rainbow rolls, Rock Prawn rolls and Tempura rolls…Read more

Tel: 076 913 3660

FISHALOT Take Aways Stilbaai

Fishalot Take Aways Stilbaai

FISHALOT  Take Aways Stilbaai

Sushi take-aways at the Fishalot seafood take-away outlet in Still Bay. The Sushi Bar offers a wide range of classic sushi delicatessen such as Salmon Sashimi, Salmon Roses, California rolls and Maki rolls. Also Chef specials such as Tiger rolls, Rainbow rolls, Rock Prawn rolls and Tempura rolls…Read more

Tel: 076 913 3660

Hanlie’s Bistro

Hanlie’s Bistro Restaurant / Hanlies Fine Dining & Gourmet Restaurant

For fine dining and gourmet food in Still Bay and Jongensfontein. Finding a quality Restaurant with great food, look no further than Hanlie’s Bistro Restaurant. Enjoy the best Rump steak, Chateaubriand steak, Lamb shank or Oxtail in Stilbaai. With special seafood dishes like prawns, snoek samoosas and of course their famous mussel chowder. They are fully licensed and have great wines on their wine list to complement every dish…Read more

Hanlie Lubbe

Tel: 072 746 1943

Cell: 082 965 9604


Hillside Kitchen

Hillside Kitchen StilbaaiHillside Kitchen

For casual dining, come and choose an take away from the large menu and even sit down and enjoy it right there. From Pizza, Fish & Chips, Burgers and Grills. Enjoy the biggest and best Hamburger in Stilbaai. From the Seafood menu you can enjoy Hake, Calamari, Prawns, Mussels & Chips or Rice. Order an Chicken Burger, Fish Burger or Ham Burger and chips. With a large variety of Pizza’s to choose from. Last but not least enjoy a T-Bone steak, Rump steak or a rack of tasty ribs.

19 Voortrekker Street

Thatch roof Building



Evert du Plessis

Tel: 028 754 1176

Email us here

Lappiesbaai Restaurant

Lappiesbaai restaurantLappiesbaai Restaurant

On the main blue flag beach in Still Bay, east of the Goukou River. Come and enjoy great food while enjoying the best view. Certain months of the year (around late June-August) you can enjoy watching the southern right whales as they put up a show right in front of the Restaurant in the Indian Ocean. A sight not to be missed!

Lappiesbaai Restaurant Stilbaai is a family style diner that opened in 1994 and has since changed owners a few times. The atmosphere is friendly and peaceful, the menu is vegetarian friendly. There is enough parking space and it is also easily accessible for a wheelchair.

Their menu includes a wide range of dishes such as steak and grills, ribs, chips as well as light meals. Of course they specialise is seafood, being on the beach-front and all.

At the Lappiesbaai Restaurant Stilbaai they serve…Read more

Laetitia de Kock

Tel: 028 754 2748

Faks: 028 754 2748

Cell: 079 326 5985


Lilliput Restaurant

Lilliput Koffiewinkel

Lilliput Restaurant (Coffee Shop, Light Meals, Functions)

Duine Mall

C/O Voortrekker Str and Keurboom Str



Magda Niemand

Tel: 028 754 3933


Tel: 028 754 2605

Fax: 028 754 2605


Matchbox Deli & Restaurant

Matchbox Deli & Restaurant Stilbaai

Coffee Shop and licensed restaurant in Still Bay for breakfasts, light meals as well as tea or coffee and home baked cake. Just off Main Road West shortly after crossing the bridge over the Goukou River.

Matchbox Deli & Restaurant has the best chef in town. They serve the most delicious pancake (pannekoek) with a variety of fillings such as ham, creamy spinach and feta cheese, and creamy mushrooms and chicken. Also hearty beef soup and vegetable soup as well as creamed spinach baked potatoes, chicken pies, pizza and French toast…Read more

Tel: 028 754 1445

Fax: 028 754 1445

Cell: 072 021 3447


Nardo’s Pizza

Nardo’s Pizza Take Aways

Take away and fast food in the Stilbaai Fynbos centre. Traditional Wood – fired pizza and fresh Ciabatta bread. Made with top quality ingredients, Imported mozzarella and Eureka unbleached stone ground flour.

* Glutenfree & Banting Pizzas available
The menu consists of more than 30 delicious Pizzas in the popular Classic/Meaty/Seafood/Chicken and Vegetarian pizza’s categories…Read more

Pieter Lategan

Tel: 028 754 1232

Cell: 082 215 5266


On The Rocks Restaurant (Steakhouse & Seafood)

ON THE ROCKS Restaurant (Steakhouse & Seafood)

Under New Ownership. Closed Opening Soon!!

Oppi Plaas Padstal

Oppi Plaas Padstal (Gifts, Breakfast, Light Meals, Coffee Shop, Wines, Handmade Goods, Famous Pies)

On N2 Just pass the R305 – Stilbaai Turn off ” Boat” on Route to Albertinia.

Cell: 072 729 9286

Cell: 082 638 7623


Pizza World

Stilbaai Pizza World

Pizza World (Fish & Chips, Take Aways, Gluten Free Pizzas)

Pizza World Stilbaai. Pizza Place in Still Bay for take aways like fish and chips, seafood as well as burgers. Wegneemetes soos seekos, vis en skyfies en burgers.

Looking for delicious take away food in Still Bay? Pizza World has it all! Of course they specialise in fabulous thin base pizza with lots of cheese and the toppings are spread to the edge. So you will find traditional pizza, pizza with mega meats toppings, beef and pork, chicken, seafood as well as vegetarian pizza. You can also order x-tra toppings. Health food take away like,..Read more

Gerhard Liebenberg

Tel: 028 754 1473

Fax: 086 618 3052

Cell: 083 651 2707

Razzmatazz The Old Visparadys

Razzmatazz Take Aways

Razzmatazz Take Aways

for the best Fish and Chips in Still Bay. Variety of Seafood like calamari and the fish of the day. Light meal like hamburgers, shawarma’s and more.

Razzmatazz Wegneemetes in Stilbaai.

Beste Vis en Skyfies wegneemetes in Stilbaai. Hamburgers en Sharmas. Seekos wegneemetes soos kalamari  en vis van die dag sowel as ander  ligte etes…Read more

Indraf /OK Grocer Centre

Monica Mouton

Tel: 028 754 3392


The Press Room Café

The Press Room Café (Restaurant, A la Carte dining, Coffee Shop, Olives & Olive oil, weddings & Functions)

Olyven Houdt Farm

-Sign+/- 5Km outside Stilbaai on the Riversdale (R302)



Matthew & Candice

Tel: 028 754 2568 or use direct “Click to Dial” – link below.

Fax: 086 607 3523

Cell: 082 961 3380


The Stables Eatery & Pub

The Stables Eatery & Pub - Stables Restaurant & Pub

The Stables Eatery & Bar

Brand new Stables Restaurant, Pub and Take Aways in Stilbaai. Pizzas, Steak & Grills, Combo’s and more. Also enjoy seafood dishes, beef, pork and chicken.

Don’t be fooled by the unpretentious whitewashed building on your left as you approach Still Bay. Step inside the surprisingly handsome eatery and bask in the cosy, casual atmosphere of this family restaurant where kids are equally welcome…Read more

Louis & Johan

Bookings and Enquiries.

Cell: 071 184 6925